Tuesday, September 4, 2007


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killgrave said...

Your assessment of The Adventures of Superman in your book "Comic Book Heroes of the Screen" was unbelievably off the mark. It's one thing to not like a particular TV show or movie, but it's quite another to rag on the fans of the show you don't like.

You and I are only four years apart in age, but world's apart in points of view. I love the old George Reeves' series, but that does not make me a "cult member" to have such an opinion. I loved the Chris Reeve movies too, at least until the end of the second movie and the mind wipe kiss, which ruined the rest of the run of films.

I can appreciate that comic books are all about the geekiness for some, i.e. the special effects, "larger than life" costumed villains and "deadly weapons," but for me as a child a bad guy was a bad guy, whether he had a tommy gun or a laser gun. Superman could bounce bullets off his chest, but one bad guy made a bullet out of kryptonite and that's all it took to make it a deadly weapon against Superman.

To each his own, but please don't guess why I loved the old series.