Friday, September 3, 2004


Fatal Beauty was a bizarre tale of a highly unusual beauty treatment that could make any man or woman look like whomever they wanted to -- no matter what the consequences. If anyone knew where this miraculous substance actually came from ...!
The Dragon was a study of an archaeological expedition to New Mexico that discovered something unique and horrible inside a mesa of secrets, including a magnificent dragon that forms from "skin" covering the walls.

The Pact dealt with a young man who makes a pact with a demon to keep him safe during the fighting of World War 2. He survives the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor -- or does he? His widow travels to Oahu to find out what she can while mystifying and deadly events occur all over the island ...

Saurian presents a boy who saw his entire community wiped out by a sea monster with eyes that burn with a fierce, abnormal intelligence. Many years later this same boy, now grown, meets a man whose eyes hold the same frightening glare ...

Vicious was the original name of a novel the publisher gave the schlocky title Bride of Satan. The story has to do with murders surrounding the filming of a sequel to the famous Anthony Winterroth shocker "Vicious." A man who loves horror films is assigned to cover the filming even as his girlfriend, whose parents were slaughtered by a real-life maniac, prepares an article attacking the film. And what about that demon with the four-fingered claw?

Late at Night took place on a haunted island where spirits, demons, and the machinations of a hidden necromancer spelled death for every visitor -- and there was also a book that revealed the grisly fates of everyone on the island.

Shivers is the story of a man whose brother disappears without a trace in New York City. He joins forces with a NYPD detective who is alarmed that more and more New Yorkers are vanishing into thin air -- has it something to do with horrifying events in the subways?

Things that Go Bump in the Night was given the generic title Spawn of Hell by the publisher. This was one of the first novels to deal with the horrors of recombinant DNA research, and the resulting monsters were pretty creepy.


Phantom of Pulp said...

You were a very underrated horror writer, even though you have been (mostly) generously regarded on the Amazon review pages.

I honestly thought you went a bit heavy on the love story in 'Spawn of Hell', but the writing and balance of characterization/horror in all your work is very admirable.

You stopped writing horror around 1990 and started writing non-fiction.

Was this due to the financial wane of the market, or had you lost interest in the genre?

What was your original title for 'Bride of Satan'?

Phantom of Pulp said...

You DID mention the original title of 'Bride of Satan' - 'Vicious'.